Howdy! What are we about here? Well, it’s all about living sassy. Sassy is defined as: Lively, bold, and full of spirit; cheeky. Originally our blog was about our Sassy Life on the ranch where we live, but it’s quickly becoming artsy fartsy focused. I will still share photographs, pictures of the animals around the ranch and other things I find of interest, and if you look real hard you will probably find these incorporated into my art.



 This is Me Tina .   I am a multi-media artist.  I enjoying using paints, markers, paper, pencils,  recycling junk into art and mono-printing.

I run my Etsy store called Sassy Crafts Boutique.  I’ve currently changed it to an all digital store and am focusing on supplying crafters with unique items that can print and digitally design with.  I utilize photographs I take, my physical art and paintings, and then use imaging editing software to create all my designs and digital products.

amber black and white


Amber runs her own Etsy store called, Cherry Gits,  which began with bottle cap art and is currently focused on her polymer clay art.  She does not use molds and handmakes everything she has just with her hands and creativity.


PS… If you’re not Living Sassy, you ain’t Living!

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