Art Journal Prompt – Celebrate!

1Since May or so of this year (2016) I have been following Deb Packwood’s Facebook Fanpage, “Art Journal Prompts“.  I have been planning to share each one here, but just haven’t gotten around to it, until now.

Every week Deb gives a one word prompt to her fans so that they can create their own art journal page.  Deb makes one as well.  Most all of hers are video’s as she creates the page herself.  You can see hers on her YouTube channel, Artzology. Her prompts have no rules, she gives you a word and you make a page as you see fit in regards to said word.

So, I have been busy keeping up with new weekly prompts and trying to finished the past ones that I missed.  I plan to post these all, someway or another; perhaps and flip through of that journal.

In the meantime, I did make a video of the latest art journal prompt, Celebrate.

As you can see, I did not draw this girl. She was a gift in an art exchange I participated in from Jennibellie’s monthly art exchange. She had come on a birthday card. She had wings on her but it didn’t seem fitting for my celebrate page so I cut them off.


I hope you enjoyed the video!  I will try and make more, or just share still images when I can.

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