From Trash to Tags!

20160522_143534Hello Dearies!

Ever want to know how to make craft or gift tags from empty food boxes or scraps?

I love using whatever is around the house to create things!  So today I want to give you an idea of what you can do with stuff you would normally throw in the trash!


Empty Food Box

I used an empty cardboard microwave food container for this project.  I’ve created many a things with empty boxes.  Cereal boxes make great book covers!  For this empty microwave box, it ended up being upcycled into journaling tag since I added a place to write.  Or, it could be whatever you wish!  It’s a tag with an attitude too!

I usually do most things by hand, but for this project, I wanted it to go quickly so I used my Sizzix machine to quickly create uniformed tags; since I wanted to build off of the colors of the box. Anotherwords, I wanted a matching double sided tag. *Side note a Sizzix machine basically cuts shapes into paper, among other cool things (embossing heaven)!


My older version Sizzix Machine. Find it on Amazon by Clicking the picture.

Therefore, I would need to cut two tags and glue them together to make one.  If I was doing this by hand, I would have cut plain square tags and used my corner punch to give it round edges, then a hole punch for the tag hole at the top.

I put together a little video of me creating the tags, it is not the greatest video ever, since I clicked a button to straighten it out, it cut off the top of my video in portions so it’s not as easy to view as I had hoped.

Nevertheless I am showing it to you anyway.  Again, you can use any material you desire for the project; cereal box, soda box, junk mail (but it needs to be fairly thick), post card, or an old birthday card.

So here we go….


And here’s what the final product looked like. (Sound was disabled due to my bird screeching as he was jealous).



So get out there and turn your TRASH INTO TREASURE!

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