Mario Mushrooms Pendant and Earring Set made of Baked Polymer Clay!

theSetMy daughter runs Cherry Gifts over at Etsy. ย She’s not got a lot listed there but is working on it; she gets orders too fast locally to even get to put them online for sell.

Here’s her second most popular item, Mario Mushrooms Pendant and Earring Set. ย All of her clay items are made of oven baked polymer clay and glazed with special clay glaze to make them glossy and shiny.

This particular jewelry set is as well, completely HANDMADE and NOT made by using a MOLD.. so each and every single one she makes is UNIQUE.

So, visit Cherry Gifts on Etsy, and if she doesn’t have them listed and has plenty of the necessary clay in stock, she’ll make you a set too, if you will just convo her!

Her AD: on Etsy, goes as such:


These cute virtual Super Mario mushrooms all measure up to 1/2 of an inch, the pendant will hang an inch from the chain because of the jump rings attached to it.

You will receive: two mushroom earrings, a pendant, and the tag it hangs from in the picture above.

The pendant is flat so that when it hangs down it doesn’t roll around on your neck.

They are also glazed and produce a wonderful shine in the sun.


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