Kiddo’s Who Sell on Etsy – Pink Black Rose Earrings!

rose pendant earrings

Another Cherry Gifts!  Do you LOVE to hear about Artist Kids who sell items on Etsy?  I do.  It’s important in our world today, for one, to learn about the retail industry, as well as customer service, not to mention the financial and responsibility aspect of running a business.

On top of that experience the pleasure of doing such utilizing one’s creative juices, is an inspiring draw for many teenagers, as well as, pride for their teachers, family and parental guardians!

The same is for Amber there at Cherry Gifts on Etsy.

If you have an Etsy shop, or just an account for browsing and shopping, show Amber some support by either favoring, following, or sharing, heck even buying (treat yourself) one of Amber’s little treasures.   There may not be a large selection since items go before she can list them, but EVERY SINGLE ounce of action of support BRIGHTENS her heart and brings about SMILES!

Cherry Gifts Pink and Black Rose Earring and Pendant Set

Cherry Gifts Pink and Black Rose Earring and Pendant Set


Amber’s Pink and Black Rose Pendant and Earring set was handmade and designed by Amber’s creativity and her love of Polymer Clay!

Find this in her etsy store here!

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