Art in all spaces and places – Vamping up Old Yard Decor

So, I have been going green as much as I can feasibly and today I want to share with you, using art outside and vamping up your old yard decor.
20160611_184357So, my first project was this old “Welcome” gate hanger sign.

Yes, it’s missing a flower pedal an I am not a metal magician so I will just ignore that fact and work around it – it’s the junk journalist coming out in me I suppose.

And it is very rusty, but I am not expecting this to last another ten years, or even five (one?), I just can’t bare to just throw it out.

So, I have paint and clear sealant, so why not make it’s last few months/years on earth a bit more colorful?

Shall we?


The first thing I did was get my well used paint board to place it on so that I could easily paint without worrying about paint spills.  I started the project outside and left it there to dry over night. Unfortunately, it began to rain in the early morning hours, so my paint board became extremely wet.  Other than that, no harm done.

Here we have it again, a bit more close up for you:


And now to add a little bit of paint.  All I am using is acrylics, some matte and some metallic.  I actually make some choices I don’t like and I then change them!


Above, I painted the plant bucket with an outdoor acrylic paint, the color is called “Patina”. Really I didn’t even know I had any outdoor acrylic paint until just now when I looked for the exact color of the paint I used in the project.  Honestly, I was just going to say it was a light turquoise!


Okay, this is the last pic before dark that day and I left it to dry only to find the morning hours had started to rain.


Here it is the next morning and inside.  I HATED the yellow so I changed it to Royal Gold. The middle flower is Metallic Amethyst.  Both paints are by FolkArt. A common black was used for the “Welcome” word.  The butterfly is not quiet painted here, but it was painted using Rose Pearl.  I also reattached the wire holder.


Well, what do you think? Quiet a change eh?












I hope this inspires you upcycle some yard junk instead of throwing it in the trash before it’s time!!


Until next time!


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