My new Mini Art Fettish – Sassy Gals!

pic 6I have been wanting to make ACEO cards, they are like art collection cards, for awhile now. I finally got around to doing it and am having a blast at creating what I am calling my “Sassy Gals Collection” – I already know it will be a never ending collection!



Here’s the one above as I was creating her:

pic 1


pic 2


And here she is all done:

pic 4


As you can tell, this are quiet small, hence the “mini art”.  ACEO (stands for Artist Collections and Editions Originals), measure 2.5″ by 3.5″.  So it is quiet difficult to get very detailed art with the small of a canvas!

And a few others one I have created:

pic 2


pic 1


I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do making them!  You can also find them in my etsy shop, just click at the top left of the website.



August Monthly Challenge

law of attractionThis months challenge was “Law of Attraction”, over at Jennibellie’s ning site.  We were to make a manifestation type art journal or creation.

I’ve always wanted to live on a specific beach  so that is what I focused my law of attraction on.

Jennibellie wanted it to be more of a FEEL thing instead of really getting arty with it, so mine really turned into mostly pictures.  I used pictures I took myself as well as a few off the internet that I found.  The ones I took brought more of a feeling because those were an actual memory of a great time; last year for my birthday on the coast.

Here’s a closer look:

law of attraction

Now you know where this pic came from!

Now you know where this pic came from!

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