Watermelon in the Winter isn’t a Yummy

800px-Watermelon-2 Since we can’t grow watermelon year round here in Texas, I have to purchase it at the local grocery store, although I haven’t tried the monthly farmers market to see if they carry it… Not to self try that!  Where does the grocery stores get watermelons this time of year anyway?

Knowing they aren’t sweet right now is fine with me, I add salt to those kind and eat away.  It is delicious and healthy for you (as long as you aren’t a salt-a-holic).

I love having watermelon for a meal.  It fills you up and hydrates you.  I really need to lose several pounds, so I really wish I could afford to eat one everyday!

Even though watermelon is mostly water and sugar it does contain vitamin C and vitamin A.  There’s other debates on how healthy a watermelon is since it does contain a lot of sugar, however I’d say eating a half of watermelon for lunch is by far healthier than eating a cheese burger with extra mayo and onion rings!

Still I know eating a watermelon for lunch (a meal), I should plan on having some type of salad and protein for supper (or breakfast!)


At any rate, I will keep eating them because I find them delicious AND I have a special affiliation for them as special memories from my youth.  My grandpa and grandma lived on a big farm; my grandpa was the caretaker for it.  He grew large gardens that he shared with the farm owners families and all of us grand-kids.  I remember going to his house and we’d split open several watermelons and pass pieces to each of us (grandma and grandpa had 7 kids, so at this time there were already quite a lot of grandchildren.

I remember us kids having spitting contests to see who could spit the seed the farthest.  I never remember winning but I do remember Grandpa winning!!

*Image Attribution:  By Beyond silence (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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